Welcome in Foundry Shell Casting


Foundry Shell Casting Ltd, is specialized in the fusion of common bronzes, lead bronzes, tin and nichel bronzes. The weight of casting ranges from 100 gr. a 60 kg.

Foundry Shell Casting carries out strict production controls to ensure to their fusions the constant quality, which is the basis of their business philosophy: offering solutions to problems, thanks to their experience and know-how.





The production of Foundry Shell Casting extends over an area of 2,000 m2. Production departments are equipped with the following devices:


- 2 ovens of 750 kg. In the next few months we will be equipped with another 2 induction ovens of 1,000 kg

- 3 shell moulding machines

- 2 shell core shooters

- 3 sanders for the stages of roughing and finishing of the parts

- 1 mixer for the preparation of mould in sand, equipped of degassing station in CO2

- 2 machines for cutting and deburring

- 1 workshop full of lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and other equipment to allow maximum assistance to

    models and machinery in general.